ETC will deliver, safely and predictably, to its customers reliable enrichment capacity, compliant with nuclear safety standards, by people proud of their achievements. At ETC we share company values and adapt our work in line with our mission. This allows us to maintain our position as market leader in gas centrifuge technology.

We operate to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental requirements. We will maintain safety as the top priority, putting the health and safety of people first.

We protect our technology and comply with treaties, rules and regulations that protect our sensitive technology. 

We conduct our business with honesty and fairness and we build relationships through trust, respect and open effective communication.

We provide cost effective quality products, services and documentation suitable for and compliant with nuclear and quality standards.

Technology Leadership
We strive to offer the best and most cost effective technology to our customers. We will maintain our leading position by valuing and developing our people’s talents, initiatives and leadership and by being responsive to future market developments.

Project Focus
We deliver to our promises through focused, prioritized deployment of resources and effective decision making.